Naturally, my adventure outing program is very dynamic with no two days ever looking the same. The weather and traffic conditions along with the number of dogs and their respective personalities are all variables demanding daily consideration.

I pick up the dogs and take them either to a remote forested area for a hike or to my top secret location for hiking and swimming. In any case, we are in the field exercising for 1-2 hours. When we finish our outing I return the dogs to their homes. How long your dog is with me is based on several things such as weather and where your house is located on my route but it's normally a minimum of 3 hours.

While our main goal is to have fun we spend the entire day practicing intermediate level obedience skills. It is imperative that all the dogs respect my leadership -- a respect I earn by being fun, fair, and firm. In addition to conventional obedience skills, I teach the dogs to cooperate and respect others we encounter on the trails. I'm very pleased with the response I'm getting from bicyclists when they are able to pass uneventfully through a group of dogs stopped in their tracks, all eyes on me. Creating ways to harmoniously share multi use recreational areas, while demonstrating good dog citizenship, is something I feel passionate about.

The ruff house is not for everyone. Most of my clients are outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous. They tend to be formally educated but also have plenty of common sense. They recognize the benefits of regular exercise and socialization.

They all view their dogs as companions and family members yet understand that dogs are animals and as such don't require a doggie day care modeled after their children's. While they won't have paw paintings to hang on the fridge or birthday parties to look forward to they can rest assured that they are providing their dog with what it really takes to stay fit, healthy and happy.